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INKin Permanent Makeup Cartridges

Solid Cartridges

These INKin Professional Tattoo Cartridge Needles are very nice cartridges. They fit my tattoo rig perfectly and they get the right depth. They store the ink really well and they haven't blown out at all. These are the sizes that I use most. Very nice quality tattoo cartridges.

Wednesday, Jan 26,2023

INKin Tattoo Compelet Machine Kit

Excellent buy!

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Adrian Vasquez

Wednesday, Jan 26, 2023

INKin NOWTA-1 Wireless machine pen

Best $160 ever spent!

The batteries can last up too four hours each and with the two pack you can easily change out and keep going, having one charge while working non stop, the stroke length works perfect for lining. I promise you that for the measly $160 you will get way more outta it than anywhere else, I loved this so much I just purchased another one!
Jon Lemon

Sunday, Jan 22, 2023

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