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5 Points To Consider Before Buying Tattoo Cartridge Needles

by INKin Tattoo Supply 18 Jun 2024 0 Comments

A wide variety of tattoo needles are coming out and are increasingly being updated. Dazzling color combinations, shape designs with the growing list of companies producing tattoo needle cartridges, how do you know that you are choosing the best tattoo cartridge needles for your specific needs? Here are 5 points to consider when choosing what tattoo needle cartridges to buy:

Are You Choosing Tattoo Needle Cartridges That Compatible With Your Tattoo Machine?

If you already have a tattoo machine that you love, you will want to make sure that the needles you choose fit your machine. Though tattoo needle cartridges can have somewhat of a universal fit for rotary machines, each brand of tattoo cartridge may have a slightly different fit. Additionally, if you are using a coil machine, you will need an adapter if you want to use cartridges.

Do the Tattoo Needle Cartridges Come Pre-Sterilized?

Using a tattoo needle cartridge instead of traditional needles should be saving you time, not adding extra steps to your routine. If you don’t want to create the extra step of having to autoclave every single cartridge in order to keep your clients safe, choosing needles that come pre-sterilized and individually packaged is crucial. Always make sure that your tattoo cartridges come in their own individual packages labeled as “Sterile” and have a lot number and expiration date. Always keep this information for your records. 

Are You Choosing High-Quality Tattoo Cartridge Needles and Well Constructed Tattoo Cartridges?

The best tattoo cartridge needles should be ultra-sharp, free from bends and imperfections, and made with only the highest quality steel to ensure precision. The tattoo cartridges themselves should hold the needles securely and be made from materials that reduce friction. The needles themselves should be lined up evenly and well-soldered to ensure even distribution of ink and that none of them come loose during the tattooing process.

Does Your Tattoo Needle Cartridge Prevent Backflow?

Tattoo needle cartridges are designed to hold some ink so that the tattoo artist does not need to refill it as often. As the needles vibrate, a small amount of ink can flow back into the machine. Good tattoo cartridges will have a mechanism in place to prevent this. Backflow prevention is usually achieved with a small rubber barrier that acts as a seal between the cartridge and the device. You can test for backflow by putting a small amount of water in the cartridge and then pressing the stem down onto a tissue or paper towel. The needle should not leak water onto your surface.

Why INKin REVO Tattoo Cartridges are the Best Tattoo Needles on the Market?

Revo after years of sampling, reformulation and professional tattoo artist test, combined with tattoo needles already existing drawbacks and REVO needle test feedback, from the needle of the various details, technical adjustments until the packaging was born, which is like a game of break-in. Our goal was not just to develop the best tattoo needle cartridges for creating perfect lines, gorgeous shading, and smooth ink flow for even deposit but to make them comfortable and easy for the artist to use. We also vowed that these would be made to the same rigorous safety standards that INKin Tattoo are known for. Here are just a few additional ways that our tattoo needle cartridges are exceptional:

Re-define Precision: Our professional team performs multiple steps and tests to ensure each needle and cartridge body is accurately assembled. We have been committing to precise engineering, superior craftsmanship, and rigorous testing for maximum product quality and usage reliability.

Extended Ink Flow: Super nice the matte surface is designed within the needles' tip to hold a large volume of inks.

Sterile and Individually Sealed: Each INKin Tattoo Cartridge is sterile and comes individually wrapped to ensure the utmost safety for your clients. They can watch you open it right in front of them.

High Quality Membrane: It features an inner membrane to prevent ink spit-back, allowing for smoother, more optimal procedures, every tattoo needles has been tested multiple times for optimal performance.

New Design: This newly designed tips allow minimal ink splatter, the translucent one-piece green cartridge body gives artists the maximum visibility to the tattoos they are working on, extra-stable end-cap design and precise positioning system makes artists more relax without having to worry about needle wobbles, Plus, the stay-sharp needles allow you to work for extended hours without the uncertainty of whether the next cartridge might be an improvement.

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