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Wow, May 22, 2024, is truly a milestone day in the tattoo industry! Intenze and EZ Tattoo have officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement, heralding an exciting new era of innovation and growth. 🌟

As INKin Tattoo Supply, we congratulate this significant collaboration! The powerful alliance between Intenze and EZ Tattoo is set to bring unprecedented development opportunities to the world of tattoo art. We eagerly anticipate the exceptional products and services that will inspire and delight tattoo artists and enthusiasts worldwide.

At the same time, INKin Tattoo Supply is continuously striving to provide tattoo artists with the highest quality products and support. From innovative tattoo machines to top-of-the-line inks, we are dedicated to enhancing every tattoo artist's creative experience.

Let's celebrate and witness this historic moment together, looking forward to the incredible advancements that Intenze and EZ Tattoo will bring us! 🌟

Presented at the Frankfurt Fair in Germany, excelllent performance and unanimous approval from REVO tattoo needles redefine percision.

Begins with INKin tattoo needles REVO, to showcase the incredible strides we’re making in production tattoo cartridges. We understand that quality matters, and INKin is here to highlight the superior craftsmanship behind our products.

Lights up the Moscow tattoo convention with their incredible artistry and passion for ink. Get ready for a weekend full of creativity, inspiration, and unforgettable tattoos!

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