INKin CL2 4.0mm Stroke length Wireless Tattoo Gun Kit

【INKin Tattoo Machine Kit】CL2 4.0mm stroke length wireless tattoo pen designed for professional tattoo artrist or beginner,...
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$169.99 USD
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INKin CL2 4.0mm Stroke length Wireless Tattoo Gun Kit

INKin CL2 4.0mm Stroke length Wireless Tattoo Gun Kit

$199.00 $169.99

INKin CL2 4.0mm Stroke length Wireless Tattoo Gun Kit

$199.00 $169.99

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CL2 wireless tattoo machine power supply with 1800 mAh battery capacity,This tattoo kit have two power supply battery.never run out of charge
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Provides better feels and enables you to hold your machine more comfortably and steady,easy on the fingers and joint and minimizes vinrations of your machine even during longer tattoo sessions
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INKin Tattoo Ink Skin easily absorb pigment, no fade after the repair, color is very positive,Safe and easy to use, long duration.Create dynamic shades and easy absorption into the skin
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Complete Tattoo Kit for Beginners

INKin kits include everything you need, from tattoo machines and guns, to pens, needles, chargers, batteries, and other professional supplies. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, we have the equipment and experience to provide you with the best possible tattooing experience.
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Top Reviews

 Inkin CL2 Machine / Kit - Amazing Value
This little tattoo machine is amazing. It has plenty of power to really pack ink. I love the weight and size of the unit. I can run it for hours on end without getting fatigued. I've only had it for a day and it already feels incredibly comfortable. I was able to squeeze in a long practice session and one small tattoo off a single battery. I specifically wanted this machine for the 4mm stroke and I'm glad I picked it up. I can feel the quality difference from lighter stroke machines. The motor in this feels powerful but well balanced and doesn't vibrate like some less expensive machines on the market. The kit includes plenty of supplies to get you started in tattooing.
Rachael Selzler
Wednesday, Nov 1,2023
Makes Tattooing easier for me and the client
Came as expected with everything in it. It was nicely packed and the quality if the case was better than expected. I used this for a practice session and than a regular session on a back peice. I noticed line work and shading are actually easier with this machine. Made the process go by quicker for both me and my client. The cartridges are really good quality and have a nice feel to them. The machine it quiet and easy to use. I like that it keeps track of how long the pen runs. Makes things easier when it comes to the charging process
Friday, Nov 1, 2023

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